Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mummy's New Day Job

... in addition to being Zara's 24/7 on-call Coolie, that is!

Yep, I just couldn't sit still and play SAHM all day long. Although being a Stay At Home Mummy is fun and, God knows, busy enough, there's always been a part of me that's wanted to do it all.

All my working life, I've been an employee; I gave my all to something that was bigger than myself but ultimately something that didnt belong to me. When Zara came along and I left my career behind, suddenly, I was thrust into a completely new role where the investments I made with my time, money and effort started bearing fruit of a more personal nature. I was - I am - shaping a human being! What a huge and risky responsibility that is!

From there, I began to realise that if I could be tasked with something so personal to me, I might just have the courage to delve into a dream I'd cultivated for some time and... gasp!.. Make it a reality! So when the opportunity presented itself a few months ago, I jumped right into it - albeit with the support and financial assistance from a wonderful (and daring!) husband. 

That's how I've suddenly become a despatch girl, an accountant, a professional mover, a stock-taker, webmaster, and ultimately, the owner of an import business and online store selling playpens! PHEW!

Exhausted but satisfied after lifting carton after carton of
playpens and playmats out of the truck and into the house!

 See, from merely loving Zara's magic playpen back when we shipped it in with great difficulty some 6 months ago, we got so many enquiries about it that we realised we had something really, really good there.

Countless phone calls, Skype sessions and emails later - and of course, lots of hard-earned money too - our first shipment of JollyKidZ Majicpanel Playpens arrived last week, and since then, life has been a flurry of orders, deliveries and paperwork!

Despatch Girl... til we earn enough money to hire
someone to do it for me!

Through it all, our Zara has been mostly an angel - playing peacefully (and sometimes not so peacefully) in her playpen while Mummy distractedly tries to develop her website, sitting quietly (and sometimes not so quietly) in her carseat while Mummy drives all over town delivering playpens, and patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) observing Mummy as she pulls her hair out over numbers that dont match up...

I may have a lot on my hands right now, but am I living my dreams or what!

It's true you know, you never really know what you're capable of until a baby comes along. For that, I have a lot to thank Zara for.

As a result, I named my business after Zara's favourite Sesame Street song, in honour of my little peanut who gave Mummy the courage to try something new and the patience to see it through.

Thanks for your readership, support and kind thoughts, everyone! 

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