Friday, February 11, 2011

Dong Dong Dong Zhiang! a.k.a. Zara's first CNY!

Chinese New Year 2011 was probably the most meaningful CNY I've ever had. Looking back at the family photos we've snapped customarily throughout the years, I've been able to witness my own transformation from cheeky kid to pimply teenager to career woman to just-married and now... to Mummy. Wowee.

The same time last year, I was just over a week from popping (though I didnt know it at the time), and we werent even sure if we'd get to celebrate because we were so worried Zara would arrive early! Of course, I was so huge that buying new clothes was not an option, and my family was so convinced I'd have delivered by then, we didnt even dare to plan our traditional CNY first day get-together.

CNY 2010 - Zara enroute!

(Secretly, Naz and I hoped Zara would come early because we'd been warned that having a Tiger baby - Naz is a Horse and I'm a Goat - would mean we'd be eaten alive! Well, as luck would have it - she is a Tiger, and yes, sometimes I think we are being eaten alive LOL!)

So it was with great merriment that we welcomed the Year of the Rabbit with our almost-1-year-old in tow. She had no blinking idea what was going on but nevertheless sailed through the festivities with little fuss... even managing to 'present' Ah Kong and Nana with a mandarin orange each in exchange for her first Angpau. Yes... an early lesson in bribery!

Heading the wrong way... (she thought the orange was for her!)...

...But managing to get to Nana & Ah Kong eventually!

I won't blab too much as I'm dead tired - God knows how I'm still awake at this hour - so I'll just let the piccies do the Dong-Dong-Dong Zhiang!

Reunion dinner at Bagan, Port Klang - not the best food,
but no pork, which is a lot to ask from my thoughtful family!

Wonder where she gets that cheeky face from!

After THREE biccies, only an ice cube could
keep her entertained!

And then she resorted to terrorizing the restaurant
in her alter-ego Evil LadyBug costume!

CNY Day 1 - Breakfast to start the hectic day!

Ang Pau? What the heck do I do with this?!
Traditional CNY spread @ the Lee Household -
Teow Chew porridge! Oh, and that brown looking
stuff at the bottom of the pic is my Mum's courageous
attempt at making homemade Halal chicken bah-kua!

Zara spent most of her first CNY eating (Ah Pek style too!) -
and we discovered how much she LURVES porridge with Marmite!

Our first customary CNY family portrait!

The extended Lee Family...

By 3pm she was cranky as hell... poor critter.

CNY Day 2 - Mummy and Abah being silly as usual...

See what I mean...

Poor Zara has to deal with these crazies for parents!!!

Looks like that crazy gene slipped through!

Gong Xi Fa Cai everybody!

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