Wednesday, June 30, 2010

3 Months On...

Has it really been 3 months since I last posted here?

So much has happened in our lives since then, the biggest milestone being our move back to our little home from my in-laws', where we had been camping out since I was 8.5 months pregnant.

That really does explain why I've been missing from cyberspace, because without a maid or anyone else to help out with the baby and the housework, I've found that I have so little time left for me, much less a blog update.

Managing a home, a husband and a 4 month old baby is no joke. I simply can't understand how some people can so tactlessly say, "Oh, you're a Stay at Home Mum now, you must be enjoying all that free time..." - as if I'm out every day getting my hair and nails done. Honestly, does any non-parent realise how much work having even one baby is? And how much I WISH my nails and hair didnt look so unkempt and ratty?

Since being a SAHM, I have developed a whole new sense of respect for women who can juggle kids, housework, a husband, cooking meals, and for some, even a career (and still manage to look pretty put together)! I had to give up my career and I'm STILL struggling!

This is my typical day (more or less)...

Big Boss Zara's Daily Schedule
8am - 8.30am: Wakey wakey and baby's morning feed

8.30am: Baby's morning bathtime

9am: Baby's playtime

10am: Baby's naptime (and Mummy's only chance to jump in the shower, tidy up the house, eat breakfast and put in my first batch of laundry)

11.30am - 6pm : Everything goes to shit (literally) because ...
a) baby poops for the gazillionth time, leaking poo into her jumpsuit, then pees all over the changing table
b) baby wants constant undivided attention,
c) baby doesnt want to nap (15-30mins at the most),
d) baby doesn't want anyone or anything else but Mummy (Mummy can't be out of sight or there will be hell to pay!),
e) baby wants boobie,
f) baby wants boobie,
g) baby wants more boobie......
(you get the idea, hence Mummy can't get anything done except within the 5 minutes here and there to put in more laundry, hang out laundry, eat lunch, continue tidying up house, fold laundry, prepare and cook dinner, and maybe - just maybe - update my blog!)

6pm: Baby's evening bathtime

6.30pm: Baby's evening feed

7.00pm: Baby's nap

8.00pm: Baby's playtime with Abah (and Mummy needs to be there or she gets upset)

10pm: Baby's last feed for the night

10.30pm: Baby's bedtime (any earlier and she won't sleep through the night)

I don't mean to sound as if I'm complaining. I'm not. Really. Because I expected this somewhat when I quit my job, knowing how bad I am at multi-tasking a career and a personal life. And more importantly, despite the mayhem, I really do love being a SAHM.

Being able to watch my little Zara grow everyday into a clever, cheeky, feisty, bad-tempered and yet lovable little girl is a gift I will treasure forever. I have been able to witness her first smile, her first laugh, her first roll-over (tummy to back), her fascination for Sesame Street, her first attempt to sit, stand and grab her Abah's nose.... and I get to listen to her little vocabulary expand from AhGoo to Ah...Deiiiii (the Indian blood is thick within her!).

Grabbing poor Abah's nose.
So I hope you'll forgive me little Zara, if you find that there is a significant gap in your baby journal - Mummy is really doing her best to be everything I can be for you - while still attempting to find time for your dear Abah and my poor hair/nails. 

Till your next proper nap...