Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Zara's Day Out @ Aquaria

KL - much as I love this crazy city - has a dearth of fun places to take very young children out for a day. The roads arent pedestrian friendly, much less stroller friendly... most malls still find the concept of baby-friendliness rather alien (one mall I went to didnt even have a baby changing room), and you really see the worst in KL-ites when you're waiting for a lift with a stroller! (I really lost my temper with a few folks recently after they pushed through ahead of me into the lifts, knowing full well that I couldnt use the stairs!)

One of my dearest oldest friends, Katrina was in town for a couple of months recently with her 7 month old son, Dylan. Now Dylan has an interesting fascination for fish and so when she asked what would be a good place to take the kids out on a playdate to, naturally the first and only place that came to mind was Aquaria! Initially I was a little worried that we'd have problems moving about with our strollers in there, but thankfully the day turned out pretty well, despite how it started :-)

This time, I'll let the piccies do the talking...

In the car on the way to KL...

In the stroller heading out of the carpark...

Upon being released from captivity (Zara, not the racoons!),
the screaming finally stopped (thank GOD!)...

Dwarfed by the 6ft long Arapaima! WHOA!!!

Wow Mummy, look at all the fishies!!!

Hey, how come I cant catch these things?!

Fish are tiring!

One for the album.
Only as we were leaving did we discover why it was compulsory
 to have your picture taken at the entrance...
so they can charge you 20 bucks for this when you exit!

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