Saturday, October 30, 2010


Zara playing 'chiak' with Abah.
Since about two days ago, Zara has suddenly started vocalizing more. Previously she had always just had a repertoire of 'Aaaah' in various tones (from Cute to Screeching!) And then, completely out of the blue yesterday, a whole bunch of new sounds came out from her mouth...

Her new words... Kaka, Gaga, Dada and Abah... yes, Abah! But I doubt she actually does mean her Abah, though it would be lovely if that was her first real word!

Zara particularly likes the words Dada and Abah, and throughout my one hour grocery excursion today she was Dada-ing and Abah-ing all the way, with lots of drool thrown in for good measure.  

Now I wonder when "" will make an appearance!

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