Sunday, October 17, 2010

Zara's Progress Report - 7 Months, 3 Weeks

It's wonderful how fast a baby can progress in just a matter of weeks, sometimes even days! The things Zara learns on her own and from watching other babies never cease to amaze me and I often find it hard to believe that 7 months ago, she was just a tiny grub who couldnt even hold her head up and didnt do much except cry and poop (a lot!).

Today, my tiny grub is a lovely little girl with lots of character who can make her Abah's heart melt even when his football team plays like crap. And she is the only thing in the whole world that can make her Mummy tear up when she flashes her goofy (gummy) smile while doing the Zarafunnydance.

In fact, one of the main reasons I quit my fulltime job was so I wouldnt miss those moments, and by golly, do they zip past fast! So it is with a great amount of pride and an equal amount of relief that I can present Zara's progress report to date, knowing that I managed to catch every one of her great milestones so far...

First Real Smile: 45 days

First Slept Through the Night: 2 months

First Rolled Over (Front to Back): 2 months, 1 week

First Giggle: 3 months, 3 weeks 

First Sat Up Unsupported: 4 months

First Stood Up Supported (by the sofa): 4 months, 1 week 

First Solids: 4 months, 1 week

First Drink from a Sippy Cup: 6 months

First Pulled Herself Up to Standing (using the cot): 6 months

First Crawled (after the remote control!): 6 months, 1 week

First Stood Without Support: 7 months

First Steps (from Mummy to Abah): 7 months, 4 days
*** Cant seem to load this video... must be too long :-( ***

First Jigged (The Zarafunnydance): 7 months, 2 weeks
Some people have commented to me that Zara seems to have developed quite fast for her age, but I always remind them that she is also the most ungraceful crawler (which she is!) and quite clumsy too (she's so gelojoh about doing everything that she's always falling over and getting bumped in the process). I believe the two main reasons she's gotten a headstart with things like sitting, standing and walking are because she's extremely impatient and that I'm always around to guide her. So I guess everything sort of evens out when you look at the big picture.*

Needless to say, as any mother would be regardless of their child's rate of progress, I am incredibly proud to be Zara's Mummy. I can already see myself standing in the bleachers when she's a teenager at her Sports Day, embarassing her terribly by waving about wildly and cheering her name. And then I remember my own Mum doing the same for me when I was a kid (though perhaps not to the same degree), and realise a Mother's greatest achievement is usually always her children.

Yes, Zara, you are by default already my greatest achievement, and Mum, thanks for embarassing me as a kid - I love you and always will!

*If there's anyone out there whose kid hasnt yet done any of the above, please rest assured that every baby develops at his or her own pace; it's perfectly normal and certainly not an indication of their intellectual development! 

p.s. Dont you just love phones nowadays? I think I took every one of these pics/videos with my Berry! Yay to being able to capture all baby's milestones on camera!


  1. We're also very proud of little Zara. and her mum. Love you too, Nee.

  2. BTW - I would ask all visitors to see your public service messages. They are so worth it. and it they have children, act upon the message.

  3. Hi Sheahnee, I pop by to say thanks and hi from my sister's blog, Janet Lee's souldoc.blogspot.
    My sister is going through a difficult time but she is strong and thanks for your message and time for her. I went through your blog and love your posts. Very touching, especially on breastfeeding. I've 3 kids, a 14 year old girl, 12 year old boy and a toddler, 2 and half, still breastfeeding, more for comfort feeding ....and I can relate to all that you had written about breastfeeding...the part about not being too idealistic, but at least try your best, struck a chord with me the most. I'm not the best breastfeeding mum but I tried and still trying. Cheers from another mum, Yvonne Lee:)

  4. Hi Yvonne! Thanks for stopping by to read my humble blog :-) Actually I used to read your articles in The Star and heard that you'd written a book which Ive still not had a chance to go and buy (and I will, when time permits!)

    I find it hard to believe you actually have a teenage daughter... you look amazing despite 3 kids! You MUST share your secret, because with only one kid, I already look like a fishmongers wife... LOL

    And hey, there's no such thing as a good breastfeeding mum and a lousy breastfeeding mum. I think anyone who even gives it a real shot is being the best mum they can possibly be!

    I hope Janet will be alright, I met her once many years ago after I emceed an event that she was performing at. I remembered her from her catchy business card (I sing not because I'm happy...) which is still in my Rolodex. And although she probably doesnt remember me, my prayers are with her.

    Take care Yummy Mummy and see you round this part of the woods again sometime!

  5. Thanks for reading my work in The Star, Sheahnee! I don't contribute as much anymmore as I run a Yamaha music school in PJ with my hubby and yeah...still writing books, I've my 3rd book out last month (Madness Aboard!, more hilarious tales from the plane) Currently am writing 2 columns for Parenthood. Am wondering, your writing is interesting. Keen to contribute and have photos appearing in that mag? I thought I have seen you on the cover of some parenting mag with Zara and Naz. Which one or was is in the Star? You look great still la.

  6. Hey Yvonne! I tried looking for an email address in your profile but couldnt find one so I guess I'll just have to reply you here.

    A music school is certainly a step away from writing and flying, but owning one sure sounds interesting! Is music a passion of yours? Glad to know you're onto Book No 3... looks like I have some catching up to do!

    I have read Parenthood a couple of times but I'm not sure why I missed your articles. Must look through them again and check.

    As for your offer, I think I could be open to contributing but I'd have to know more details first. PLus, I'm sure you can tell from my blog that I'm not the most consistent of writers; I only write when I can find the free time, and that's not often! :-)

    And yes, our little family did appear on the cover of MamiBaby magazine, which is published by the same group as Parenthood. We've also had a couple of other articles here and there because of our collaboration with GSK to promote child vaccinations.

    Finally, thanks for your compliment, that's kind of you :-) Although I have to admit the only time I think I look passable these days is when I make the effort to put on some makeup, and God knows I dont enjoy dressing up as much as I used to! Sigh... those were the days!

    Looking forward to hearing from you. You can try replying me via email at sheahnee @ it's easier for me to communicate that way as it's linked to my Berry.