Saturday, October 23, 2010

Zara's First Raya!

This post is a long time coming but it really has taken me that long to get my Raya pictures in order!

Zara's first Baju Raya!

Our first Raya family photo!

Nanie let her try roti...

...And Zappel (!)...

...And even Ais Kacang! Naughty Nanie!
Passed out from all the excitement...
Yes, and as you can see, at just 6 months, Zara had already learnt that the Malaysian Raya experience was generally typified by new clothes, (lots of) eating, and plenty of exhaustion by the end of the day!

Oh, and we found that Zara just LOVES duit raya... chewing the packets, that is!


  1. oww..Zara is so adorable enjoying her first raya~ a precious moment to capture~

  2. LOL at the Zappel pic! :D in all the close-up photos, her resemblance to Naz is uncanny... :O

  3. Zara looked so pretty over there :)
    and Sheahnee, you look great too.