Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our First... Holiday!

Last week was a week of many First's for the Nazrudin Family.

Our First Holiday as a Family....

We couldnt get Zara to look at the camera
because of the many exciting distractions around her!

Our First Roadtrip with Zara...

The buggy toy was a real blessing during the
long trip to Cherating. Zara kept herself
amused for ages with that thing!

Zara's First Time in a Swimming Pool...

No prizes for guessing whether she enjoyed the experience!

Zara's First Glimpse of The Ocean...

She loved feeling the seabreeze on her face!

Zara's First Time at The Beach...

We only dipped her toesies just a little, and even
that was too ticklish for our little Geli-Girl.

... Zara's First Time Sleeping in a Cot Other Than Her Own...
Bathing in a Proper Bathtub...
 Eating Meals in a High Chair (when she was not busy actually eating the high chair itself!)...

The "Apek" gene is strong within her... Notice the
leg pulled up ala coffeeshop style!

All in all, going for a holiday with a baby isn't the same as going with just your other-half, as we discovered soon enough.

The packing was stressful and kept me up almost all night (Did I pack her food, her diapers, her pillow, her swimsuit etc x 100) and we spent the entire time at the resort trying to expose Zara to interesting new experiences while sticking to her eat/bathe/sleep routine. The result was that we ended up spending more time in the room than out of it, and Naz and I didnt get any much needed R&R for ourselves.

Despite that, we still had a wonderful holiday, and although we wont have a romantic one for just the two of us for a long long while to come, I wouldnt have wanted to go to Cherating without our little girl. 

It used to read just "Naz and Nee"... My, how life has changed :-)


  1. Sheahnee,

    1. You are a yummy mummy. You look good (don't listen to the kepohchi). Period.
    2. Baby Zara is healthy and intelligent. Cute is a bonus. Congrats! As a parent, that is all we look forward to really. Alhamdulillah!
    3. Keep writing. My husband and I love to read your blog. We are mixed marriage too.

    God bless always.


  2. Thank you for the kind comments May. I really appreciate that... its very encouraging to me :-)