Thursday, July 1, 2010

Flashback: Zara's Full Moon

So because I've been away from cyberspace for so long, it's now time to catch up on some long overdue updates!

Zara at 5 Weeks

About 2 weeks after Zara had her Cukur Jambul, we decided it would be apt to also recognise her Chinese heritage by celebrating her Full Moon. For those who don't already know, this is basically just a celebration of baby's one month anniversary.

Zara's Abah all dressed up for the occasion!

A Full Moon is usually only a family affair, and for those who aren't able to join in, the customary ang koo ker (sticky red cakes filled with lotus seed, peanuts or red bean paste), red boiled eggs and sometimes, a roast chicken are delivered by hand.

We decided to buck tradition somewhat with Zara's Full Moon, thanks to Mum, who wanted to throw in her Australian roots to the already mixed proceedings with a teatime feast that included lamingtons, corn quiche and avocado salad, apple danish, sausage pastries and a whole bunch of other yummy stuff (thanks Mum!).
And to fulfill the traditional end (and my Uncle's craving for ang koo ker), we sent everyone home with a halal box of ang koo ker, red eggs and egg tarts, which I discovered at Bee's.

It was a simple do but Mum outdid herself with the table settings and by baking everything herself, which I feel bad about because normally I'm the one standing right next to her putting everything together.

Sar Kor and Sar Chek enjoying the Aussie Full Moon Feast

In the end, we had a good time, and everyone was excited to meet our little grumpy puss, who despite being dressed very sweetly in white, was sour faced most of the evening. At just five weeks, she must have been stressed out by all these strange people wanting to coo at and carry her. But she was still a hero and held up well!

Zara happy that it's over! Hi 5 Mummy!

Happy (very) belated one month birthday my little Zara!


  1. Hello hello, happy motherhood and best wishes for little Zara =)

    - Seet

  2. Sheahnee,
    I found your blog by accident during a rare quiet moment to myself. I was toiling with the idea of writing a blog but my little Rania keeps me from starting one. I smiled and cried thru your entries because they echoed the EXACT feelings and experiences I am going thru as a first time mom, esp during those dreaded first few weeks. For the first time after 2.5 months of giving birth to Rania, I am now convinced that I am not alone. I thought I was the only one going thru sore nipples, underfeeding baby during the first 3 days, baby catnaps for no more than an hour etc etc etc. Thank you for sharing. Ika Roseworn.

  3. Seet: Heya Seet! Thanks for popping by and good to see you :-)

    LittleLamb: Hello and thank you for your kind wishes!

    Ika: What a pleasant surprise to see you here you yummy mummy! Have been keeping tabs of your progress through your FB page and saw piccies of your little angel - what a beauty she is :-)

    Ive found that motherhood when shared is a much more enjoyable experience. Like you, I also trawled thru the web to look for other mummies out there, desperate to know if I was the only one doing everything wrong or just one of many in the same boat. I was so relieved to find many with similar experiences and I have since made friends with quite a few of them.

    You'll do fine Ika, and Im so sure you're a fantastic mummy, coz at the end of the day, no one knows your Rania better than you do. Trust in that :-)

    Keep in touch dear.

    Hugs, Sheahnz