Monday, July 12, 2010

My Wonder Baby.

Zara and I visited our lovely paediatrician last week for her 4 month jabs (Pneumococcal, Hepatitis and Rotavirus). 

As is customary during these visits, Dr Adrian wanted to know her progress, and passed me a teddy bear to demonstrate what she was now able to do.

So I made teddy sit, stand, lie on his tummy and roll over (front to back).

Dr Adrian was incredulous.

In fact, I dont think he quite believed me and probably half suspected I was making it up to impress him.

"You mean, you are holding on to her underarms when she sits and stands right?" he said, thinking that perhaps I was embellishing the sitting/standing part.

"No," I replied, surprised at his question, "She's able to sit on her own, albeit with support from her arms, and stand by either holding on to the cot or leaning onto the rails..."

After a few more prodding questions, I began to get a bit frustrated that he didn't seem to believe me and he probably came to the conclusion that I was one of those extremely impatient parents who push their kids into doing things before they're ready.

I was on the verge of whipping out my phone to show him visual proof of my claims when our little debate was interrupted by his nurse coming into the room with the vaccine.

Jab on the left leg, jab on the right. And that was the end of that. 

So I didnt get to prove to our dear doctor that perhaps what he's dealing with is more of an impatient little girl who can't wait to grow up rather than a pushy parent.

Because I can swear that while I do make it a point to put Zara on her mat daily for some tummy time, and play with her the way all parents probably do, I don't spend my time forcing her to do anything she doesn't like to do.

Truth is, my little girl always seems to prefer time on her legs and hates lying down. She will fuss when she's on her back and will reach for my hands to try to sit up, grunting as she does. She hates tummy time and will cry when I encourage her to slow down and learn how to crawl.

Instead, she would rather hold onto the edge of the sofa for a good 20mins or sit on her playmat batting the mobile ladybug. She has a mind of her own, this one, and I guess she's just one of those precocious babies who prefer to stand than crawl.

I can't help it that Zara has chosen to develop this way, and that she's maturing faster than most. I'm just doing my best to make sure she's happy.

So, stand, sit, whatever she does... as long as she's smiling, it's alright isn't it?


  1. Oh dear! I couldn't belive you too until I saw the picture of her sitting! That's incredible for a 4 mths old baby!

  2. She can even wave her arms at the same time, but she can't do that for too long before she tilts. from the cameraperson.

  3. Hmmm just ensure her legs are strong enough.. and about your earlier post on solids..some kids do take solids at 4 mo. So no worries.

  4. Her legs are strong, believe me. She stands from choice - the moment she has an opportunity to pull herself up, she's up.

  5. Hi Sheahnee, I thought of you in Feb & wondered how delivery went. I also knew I'd find you in blogosphere at some point! Welcome to Mommyhood and congratulations!!! A sitting & standing baby at 4 months deserves to be in the book of records! My little Tia only started rolling over and back at about 8 month, now can you believe that?! Talk about turtle slow....but you're absolutely right. As long as baby's happy, not an ounce of anything else matters! I'm so happy for you, she's finally out!

  6. Lee Yen: Thanks for believing me! I have such a hard time explaining to people that she can actually do it...and enjoy it too! Somehow, they seem to think I'm making it up to impress them. Now why would I want to do that?!

    Lesley: Hey Mum! Thanks for popping by :)

    Little Lamb: Thanks for the concern, and not to worry, I do make sure Zara is well supported in everything she does, just to be sure. I also did read somewhere that there are plenty of 4mth olds on solids, plus Im reassured by the fact that Zara crazy LOVES her Pear and Banana cereal.

    MamaPumpkin: Hey there! Im pretty sure I know you, but when I checked your Blogger Profile it didnt contain your details so Im not entirely sure. Either way thanks for the encouragement... and Im sure Tia is a very happy little bubby, so who cares if she took her own sweet time to roll over! My Zara still hates Tummy Time so I guess the standing makes up for her lack of development in that area :)