Monday, April 11, 2011

Zara's 1st Birthday!

I have shamefully neglected my blog, so to all those who have emailed me asking why, I'd like to say Im sorry and that I've been really up to neck with stuff since Zara's birthday and all will be revealed soon enough :-)

So before I forget the little details of Zara's birthday I thought I should post up some pictures of the precious moments we shared with our little girl on the day.

It was a quiet day with Mummy and Abah until Ah Kong & Nana popped by with a gift and a carrot cake for their precious. Zara knew something special was happening when she saw the candle coz she had seen the same thing at cousin Mika's birthday 2 months earlier!

She 'blew' out the candle with the help of Mummy and Abah.

After tearing off the wrapper herself, she finally got a glimpse of Ah Kong & Nana's gift - Zara's very own Violet puppy that sings and talks to her using her name! So canggih the toys nowadays! Zara now loves playing with Violet in the car - less stress for Mummy in the driver's seat!

Zara's gift from Mummy & Abah... hmm, wonder what it could be?

A tirke?! Could it be?! Her expression that day cracked me up LOL!

Helping Abah assemble the trike.

Yay! Im a big girl now!

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