Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Zara's 1st Birthday Partaaaayyyy!!!

We may have had just a quiet day on Zara's actual birthday, knowing that she probably wouldnt understand what the fuss was all about, but the truth is I had actually been dreaming up a birthday party for her since she turned 10 months old!

As every new parent will know, your baby's 1st birthday party is usually more for the parents than for the baby :-) The birthday girl (if she has already started walking) will wander around aimlessly amongst all these unfamiliar kids and wonder what the heck is going on, and probably pass out before the party is over. Although this premonition did turn out to be quite true in our case (!), we still wanted to treat our Peanut to a fun do just to mark the occasion, hoping she would make some friends for a future playdate, and have some nice piccies in her album for when she's older. Mummy and Abah also needed an excuse to hang out with friends we hadnt seen in ages (thanks Zara!).

That's why on February 27th, the Sunday after her birthday, we threw our little girl a Sesame Street party at Fitfor2, Bangsar Village II, with the help of our friends at fluff&stuff. The idea was that the kiddos would go and play for an hour or so at KizSports next door. leaving the parents to chitchat in peace, and then everyone would come together aftewards at Fitfor2 for makan and cake. Grand plan right! I'll confess now, that was easier said than done!

We invited Tok and Nanie, Ah Kong and Nana, Zara's cousins and friends of ours who have kids around the same age... and boy, did it turn out to be one heck of a long guest list! The end result was a birthday party with almost 100 guests, 30 boisterous kids high on sugar and 2 very exhausted parents who must've been crazy for organising something so insanely elaborate.

Despite that our daughter did have a marvellous time, so marvellous in fact that she KO-ed right before we were supposed to bring out her birthday cake. And I believe the other kids did too, since so many refused to go home, long after the party had ended LOL.

So, my Peanut did get a party that she probably will never remember, but... at least we have the nice photos! I sincerely hope that when she grows up she'll look back at them and realise that her Mummy & Abah were so excited to celebrate her 1st birthday that they willingly lost their minds in the process.

Mummy & Abah love you Zara. You will always be our number ONE!

Zara's birthday cake, with her beloved Elmo holding court.

Cant have a Sesame Street party without Ernie and Rubber Ducky!

Zara and Cookie Monster share a common love for FOOD.

Everyone who came got a birthday cupcake to take home.

We even had a fancy registration table! Thanks Fluff & Stuff! And Mum for doubling as the receptionist!

Zara with her Ah Kong.

The birthday girl in a rare moment of solitude.

Time Out with Mummy.

Yes, you read right. Ah Kong even had on his special T-shirt.

It may not look it, but she had a blast at KizSports...

...Such a blast in fact, that she began to wilt rather quickly after that...

...And here she is, wilted. Right before her birthday song. Check out that pout!

We had to wake her for the cake, so that the other kids could go home.
Yeah, she wasnt too happy about that!

Grumpypuss notwithstanding, Happy Birthday Zara!

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  1. This is such a great birthday bash. I loved this sesame Street Party. Truly, your daughter had a remarkable 1st birthday bash. Thanks for these photos. At one of local party venues I will also host a grand party like this for my son’s first birthday. Thanks for the inspiration!