Friday, January 7, 2011

The Whirlwind That Was 2010!

This time last year...

Wow... and there it went. In a flash, one whole year just zoomed past and I have no idea how it happened. I'm guessing a major reason for that was having a baby. Funny how something so tiny can have such a huge impact on time!

Casey and her bridesmaids + one

Around this time last year, I was 8.5mths along and busy preparing for my bestie's wedding reception. Of course, I was excited about the prospect of Zara's impending arrival, but not really knowing what to expect, I focused instead on my duties as Casey's (very heavy) maid of honour. I remember trying on my bridesmaid dress that had to be tailormade specially to cover my ever-expanding tummy. I remember thinking that I must have resembled a big fluffy piece of pink candyfloss as I waddled into the hall, and I vividly recall how I tried to perch daintily (and unsuccessfully) on a chair as I delivered my bridesmaid's speech.

Fluffy pink candy floss !

How my life has changed since then! How trivial my worries were, and how naive I was about motherhood!

Little did I know what labour would feel like, after spending months imagining the sensation... Or how truly overjoyed and overwhelmed I would be upon seeing the tiny face I had dreamt of for so many nights!

How little sleep I've had since then!

How little weight I've lost!

How so very much I've learnt! About responsibilities... about patience... about sacrifice... about love!

Yes, funny how the meagre space of just one year can teach some people nothing, and for others, a lifetime of lessons.

I have a feeling that 2011 - and the years to follow - will speed by as 2010 has done. And I pray that in the increasing rush and tumble of our lives, as our family grows, and the mayhem expands with it, we will not forget to stop and smell the roses, sit back and cherish every moment we have with our Zara before she becomes a young lady.

Here's to 2010 - the best year of my life - and to 2011, that it may be even better yet!

Portrait by Choen Lee @ Bunny + Bear Pictures

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