Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We Lurve Gingersnaps!

Over the weekend, Zara and I attended the launch of this fab new mummy-baby clothing store in BSC called Gingersnaps.

Because we'd been to BSC quite a lot over the last week, we did pass the store a couple of times, but seeing as it looked so swanky I had done my utmost best not to peek inside - I didnt think my credit card could handle it.

So when I was invited to the event on Friday, I really was in two minds about it. Eventually, the curiosity got the better of me and I thought to myself... why not? I'm just there to make an appearance; I'm sure I can avoid the temptation.

So... WRONG! And I should have known that was a lousy excuse *wink*

I was pleasantly surprised though - because despite the fact that the baby clothes were so unbelievably cute (and we all know that usually means a hefty price tag), I did manage to walk away with quite a few items for Zara at just under RM100!  (Yes, yes... my willpower, and my credit card succumbed.)

So if you happen to be in Bangsar for some Christmas shopping this week, do pop in to Gingersnaps for a peek - it'll be worth your time, and your kiddo will have the cutest Christmas outfit ever - guaranteed!

Yes, we succumbed!

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